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Residents say county should investigate before involving TBI

Dear Editor,

I feel like I need to address the publicity about R. Dowell Road. If this had not been a country road, I definitely would not ask for any repairs and Tony Jennings or Jim Moody would not have worked on it.
I was gone from Johnson County for about nine years in the military and working in the north. I have been in about every state in the U.S. except Alaska and Rhode Island. I have never found a state or county that I like more than Tennessee and Johnson County. This is a beautiful county and good people, but I feel like it would be much better if our neighbor watch dog, as Nate of channel 11 said, and our county officials would investigate things more thoroughly before getting the D.A. and TBI involved. Then comes channel 11 making things worse.
This causes surrounding counties to case a bad opinion of us. Also, I paid $1,013 in taxes on R. Dowell Road, and my brother and sister also paid taxes.
I plan to abandon channel 11 completely.
Thanks very much Johnson County.

Ross Dowell
Don Payne