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Reader upset with Obama for supporting gay marriage

President Obama became the first president in our history to support same-sex marriage. As a Christian Sociologist who has studied the family I'm upset Obama wants to devalue marriage and take away the rights of children to have both a mother and father they need. I agree with the black leader who said, “The institution of marriage in human history has always been for the purpose of procreation and socialization and two people of the same sex can't fill either bill.”
Every major religion for over 5000 years has viewed homosexuality as unnatural, unwise and a offense against God. Obama is in effect saying “Stupid ancestors, stupid Tennesseans, stupid God, what did they know?” God does have a right to take away a homosexual couple’s right to be joined in holy matrimony because He alone decides what is holy.
Because of their control of the major media and Hollywood, homosexuality has gone from being illegal in about every state 40 years ago to being celebrated in every state today. People don't even know that homosexuality is so unhealthy the Red Cross won't accept their blood. While Christianity sees homosexuality as an adjective, the media says it's a noun. Liberals (like Obama) and some churches now celebrate homosexuality. However the Bible teaches homosexuality is like any other temptation that God calls people to resist. The Bible teaches it's the deliverance from temptation Christians and churches must celebrate, not its proud and eager embrace.
Christianity teaches feelings and emotions aren't a dependable source for determining right and wrong. C.S. Lewis said actions are more powerful then emotions and anyone you keep acting loving to you will feel love for. Many feel more love for their pets then anyone because they act more loving to their pet. In the Bible, love is an action and Jesus showed that love by paying for all our sins on the cross. Jesus loves everyone including homosexuals and has changed everyone who seeks Him-including homosexuals. We know homosexuality isn't genetic because often one identical twin is a homosexual while another isn't. Still homosexuals say they where born homosexual. The good news is with Jesus everyone including homosexuals can be born again.
For more info see or As Christians our job isn't to fix people or make them nice but to tell them about Jesus. As C.S. Lewis said, “We must not suppose that even if we succeeded in making everyone nice we should have saved souls.” Nice people go to Hell if Jesus hasn't made them new by forgiving their sins. Some Christians and churches have spoken the truth about the sin of homosexuality but failed to extend Jesus-like compassion to those struggling, while some churches have rejected the truth and have married homosexuals and celebrated their homosexuality. Both are wrong, Jesus is 100 percent grace and love and 100 percent truth. If we fail to represent any part of that we fail to represent Jesus.

D.D. Nave
Elizabethton, TN