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Privette says we need to respect our flag

Respect the flag

Don’t kneel unless you’re ready to pray,

Stand and salute our flag this day.

When someone sings our national song,
To disrespect our flag is wrong.

Our soldiers died to give you the right,
To say what you want to say alright.

But, when you dishonor this country tonight,

You will belittle their reason to fight.
The freedom that this flag stands for,
Has stood through many a bloody war.

So, if you can’t stand and salute our flag,
Maybe it’s time you packed your bags.

If you have a point you’d like to make,
Then state your business and make your case.

But don’t dishonor our flag this way,

You may wish you had it someday.

-Tommy Privette 10-17-2017