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Privette reflects on the meaning of Christmas

Dear Editor:

Happy holidays. What does that mean anyway? Happy holidays. Why have we become so disregarding of anything that has a possible Christian meaning, or even could be construed as Christian?
This is going to be a sore subject to some, and a blessing to others. I will let you guess which one is which. Whether you are one that has studied history and know that our forefathers that settled this great country did so largely for freedom of religion or not. That was in my grade school history books. Freedom of religion meaning we could worship our God without consequence. God, the creator of all the universe and anything else out there. People will tell you now, (largely politicians) that this country was not founded on Christianity. They are always looking for some technicality to make them feel better about their beliefs.
IF was, and there is plenty of proof to back it up founded on Christian principles. The first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence talks about the laws of nature and nature’s God, being created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Our laws are based on God’s laws. They are based on the Ten Commandments of God. Before God handed the tablets of stone ot Moses, there was no law. There was only what the people wanted to do to obtain some sort of so called justice for wronging each other. Now we have these laws that were established by God and enforced by the people, even today.
So, now that it has been established (at least for some of us) that God is and has been an important part of this country since its beginning, what about these holidays?
Thanksgiving. A day of thanks. When we give thanks, to whom or what are we giving thanks? What are we giving thanks for?
At our house we give thanks to God. But, not just on Thanksgiving day. We give thanks to God every day, for every meal, for every blessing, for every thing we have, our health, and well being. For all things give thanks. If you have food, where does it come from? If it comes from the earth, then it was allowed to grow there by God. If it is meat, it was created by God through the reproduction of animals. Their food by the way comes from the earth. Largely grass, wheat, straw, etc. Who do you think makes grass grow? In case you want to try and make the argument that you planted the things you eat and that’s why they grew. Nope. It’s God’s dirt that they grew in, and His seed that it came from in the beginning. So, in all things, give thanks and know who you are giving thanks to and for what.
Now Christmas. That’s right, not xmas or any other word to take Christ out of it. After all, if not for Christ there would be no Christmas. Do you call Easter xster? No. If not for Christ there would be no Easter. I don’t know who’s idea it was to make it about rabbits and eggs, but that is not what’s about either. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Even though He wasn’t actually born on that day, it is meant as a day to be glad we have a Savior. I don’t know how one celebrates Christmas without recognizing Christ as the reason. The holiday was not established for the giving and receiving of presents between people, and decorating of a tree with lights and ornaments. It was done to celebrate the glorious birth of Jesus. If you want to exchange gifts, then so be it. But we must not forget the essential reason it was established in the first place. Even people that claim not to believe in Jesus celebrate Christmas. They choose to call it some demeaning name instead, but even they know what it really means. When their children ask what xmas means, they must explain that it was a holiday called Christmas, but because they choose not to believe, then it’s called xmas. Oh yeah, you still give gifts, decorate and all the other stuff, you just changed the name to make you feel better. If you don’t want to celebrate Christmas because of Christ, then make your own holiday and call it whatever you want, and pick your own date to do it.
So, with that I will say Have a great Thanksgiving, and remember to whom you are giving thanks and do it at least daily, not just once a year. Merry Christmas. And also give thanks for our risen Savior who’s birth we celebrate on this day. Please read your Bible and see the real reason we give thanks and celebrate Christmas.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it can be a blessing to you.

Tommy Privette 2017