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Pleasant is thankful for United Way’s assistance with 4-H program

Dear Editor:
I would like to express my appreciation to the United Way of Mountain City/Johnson County for their continued support of the 4-H program in Johnson County. United Way has partnered with 4-H since its inception to provide funding to assist local youth who participated in many events and activities.

In recent years, the sponsorship has allowed numerous 4-H’ers to attend Junior 4-H camp which is held for a week each summer at the Clyde Austin 4-H Training Center in Greeneville, TN. With the increase of camp fees over the years, we have found that many families cannot afford to send their children to camp. This is especially true for families that have two or more children. With the help of United Way we are able to provide a 4-H camp scholarship to help pay 50% of the camp fee.

The 4-Hers must complete an application and are selected for the scholarship based on financial need and participation in 4-H activities and events throughout the school year. These youth learn valuable life skills by attending camp and for many of the children this would not be possible without the United Way camp scholarship funds.

We encourage everyone to support the local United Way and help play a part in assisting the youth of our county.

Yours truly,
Danielle Plea