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People are choosing to abandon their animals

Dear Editor,

Last night we saw what appeared to be an animal drop and run.  A small, dark calico cat magically appeared next to a white truck and took off a short distance to hide in a small culvert.  Although there is no way to prove that the cat was released from the truck, to us it certainly appeared to be.  This small cat stayed glued to the same spot for several hours.  It would duck as traffic raced by and appeared quite frightened.  Of course this occurred during the high traffic hours of the evening.  We feared trying to catch the cat thinking it might bolt right into traffic as we approached.  There was a porch and a barn close by so we hoped it would opt to settle down for the long, cold night.  It must have tried for the barn.  Unfortunately, it didn’t make it across the road.  I had the distinct displeasure of seeing a cat shaped lump in the road when preparing to get the mail.  My fears were confirmed when I went to see what was lying there.  Right now, there are several people who are fighting a desperate battle to get animal control in the county.  The biggest cry of outrage is that no one wants a “kill” shelter.  When a report is made to the Sheriff about an animal related problem, the caller is most often told that the sheriff has neither the time, manpower, or training to bother responding to the call.  The solution?  Shoot it.  Wow…. seems like we already have a “kill” mentality.  At least with animal control, there is a place to take the animal that is safe and warm.  The animal has a much greater chance of being adopted.  Most importantly, if the animal must be euthanized, it is done humanely, with no pain and no prolonged suffering.  There are many things in this world worse than death.  The cat did not die warm, safe, and painlessly.  There is no way of knowing how long it laid on hard concrete, cold, afraid, suffering, until its final agonizing breath.  I hope readers get a vivid image in their mind and experience the same gut wrenching emotions as I did upon discovery of the tragic end to an innocent life.  

Annette Sepega