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Parsons warns voters about push poll currently circulating

Dear Editor:

Voters in the third district have been receiving numerous phone calls recently for what appears to be an opinion poll for the Tennessee House of Representatives election in August.  However, it is really a misleading and deceitful campaign tactic called a “push poll”.  If a person tells the caller that they intend to vote for Kevin Parsons, the caller says, “If you knew that Kevin Parsons raised taxes while Mayor for the Town of Mountain City and might raise your taxes if elected state representative, would you be more likely to vote for him, or less likely”. The call ends quickly so that more voters can be called. This unethical campaigning is designed to “push” voters towards a predetermined point of view while never providing the entire story. The pollster does not identify the person or organization that is attempting to influence or alter the view of voters because their goal is to spread misinformation that will improve the chances of the candidate for who the pollster is working for to win.  This practice has been widely condemned by public-polling groups and other organizations. As one of two candidates seeking that office, I will say that my campaign does not engage in this type of activity.

Kevin Parsons
Mountain City