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Parents feel there is discrimination against GOT students in school systems

Dear Editor,


My name is Bonnie Lewis, the mother of Brittany Grayson, a senior in the GOT program at Johnson County High School. Myself, along with Jennifer Minks, the mother of Samantha Minks, Crystal Morefield, the mother of Mikaela Morefield, also seniors in the GOT program at Johnson County High School have been told that we will not get to watch our children walk across the stage with their graduating class. The educators of the Johnson County School system have decided that the GOT kids will not get to do what they have earned because of someone last year not coming to practice that wasn’t even in the GOT program.

Every class previous to the 2016 graduating seniors have been allowed to participate in the ceremony. Why is this class being discriminated against for choosing an alternative way to complete high school? The GOT kids have worked hard this year, just as hard as the rest of their class; they only want what’s entitled to them. They have put in the work, they have their credits, they have their time in, and have completed all the requirements necessary to put on their cap and gown and walk with their graduating class. Instead they get to graduate two days after their class in the Theater Room, hidden from everyone.

I have watched my two boys walk across that stage, and I will watch my youngest walk, but I will not get to watch one of my kids because she wanted to graduate the year she was supposed to because I had her held back a year in first grade.

I have talked to the school board, the principal, and the guidance counselor and they still say no, so I’m writing this letter to let all the parents know; read this before you let your child sign up for this program. It’s a good program if that’s the only way or you don’t have the credits to graduate. I am ashamed of Johnson County School System and the School Board for not listening to three parents that so wanted to see their daughters in their cap and gown, take pictures and be awarded what they earned. Thank you for reading my letter.

Sincerely, Bonnie Lewis, Jennifer Minks, and Crystal Morefield