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Now let's work to rid the county of all drugs

Amidst all of the finger pointing, protesting, and controversy over the synthetic drug issues, we would like to recognize those who “do not” sell or use synthetic drugs. Thank you to the businesses that do not have this poison lurking behind their counters waiting for our children to ask for them. (And yes, they say they don’t sell to anyone under 21. But, these are our children too.) To these, we salute you for your upstanding principles and determination not to give in to the monetary benefits of these killers.
Thank you to the people of this and other counties, both young and old, who do not use or intend to tolerate these drugs or the ones that sell them. Thank you for your support in the fight to rid our county of them. Please continue to participate and let these people know that their businesses are not wanted here.
When we are finally rid of them once and for all, while we are still fired up about it, let’s dig in and put the same fight against the other drug issues here. The ones that are already illegal. These are killers also and have been for a while. So, let’s have a “No Tolerance” policy against these also. Wouldn’t it be great to live once again in a drug free county?
Thanks again for your continued support.

The Synthetic Drug Committee of Johnson County