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Not enough seating for JCHS graduation?

Dear Editor:

The graduating class of Johnson County High School 2013 has slightly over 170 students. The administration plans to have the graduation ceremony held in the JCHS gymnasium. Now, when there has been thousands of dollars spent on bleachers, there is an enormous football field, an announcement box, why wouldn’t we at least consider this an option? “Because this is the way it’s always been done.” Really?

If you are a parent trying to obtain enough tickets for your family to help celebrate, honor and watch with pride as your son or daughter finishes the twelfth year of their academic career; I know you are in complete agreement with everything you’re reading.

We should be showing our children encouragement, and, with the national statistics for graduation being so poor, the community and educators should be bending over backwards to celebrate their success.

The school board obviously recognized there was a problem when a television and additional seating were installed in the cafeteria. However, that does not come close to being there in person. In reality, it’s not much different than watching a video taped version of the ceremony.

We have everyone in town and surrounding areas join Johnson County for football, basketball and baseball games. Any given Friday during football season you can expect to see over half of Mountain City at the field to enjoy a celebratory victory against opposing teams. I am in no way, shape or form stating sports are not important. I am, however, stating the importance and validity of showing support to our children for making it through fundamental education.

If not on the football field, where? If not now, when? Aren’t there any suggestions for a solution? Just because “it’s the way it’s always been done” doesn’t mean it should continue.

I think the school board needs to propose and provide a more appropriate solution rather than a half-hearted gesture for a temporary fix.


Tabatha Eastridge
Mountain City, TN