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New residents hope litter article will serve as wake-up call

The recent article on the litter problem in Johnson County should be a wake-up call to all local residents that take pride in their community.
My wife and I are new to the county but from the very first time we traveled through Mountain City we were taken by the beauty of this part of Tennessee. The farmland, mountains, lakes, rivers and wildlife all contribute to the natural appeal of this area. That this would be spoiled by careless littering and dumping of garbage is of great concern.
We encourage recycling efforts both mandatory and voluntary to help reduce pollution and land fill waste where we live. If there are no recycling programs available to residents, perhaps it is time that elected officials take action on this. It should require little effort or expense in establishing a convenient location where residents can bring paper, plastic, glass and metal recycleables. Recycling makes good sense for everyone interested in keeping Johnson County and Tennessee beautiful.

Kevin and Joan Kuhner