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New ABC show GCB is offensive to Christians

The network ABC has a new primetime soap, GCB, based on the book “Good Christian B*tches.” In World Magazine, Megan Basham said, “None of the foul-mouthed, barely dressed characters on GCB are actual Christians. There’s no question about the intent of creator Darren Starr (Sex and the City). He aims to paint those who profess Jesus with the broadest and ugliest brush he can find.”
Basham said the show uses every lazy stereotype of hypocritical, Bible-belt Bible-thumpers the writers can think of. One of the supposed Christians on the show said that her exposed cleavage helps her cross hang straight and later that the phone isn’t the proper venue for discussing adultery – church is.
If a Christian producer gave similar treatment of Islam or homosexuals, the media and Hollywood celebrity twitter accounts and talk shows would explode from the outpouring accusations of hate speech. They wouldn’t call it only satire.
ABC and other networks have all received awards from gay groups for their favorable treatment of homosexuals. The rare violent acts aimed at homosexuals, blacks, Muslims, etc., regularly generate national soul-searching by the major media. However, more people are killed or beaten throughout the world because they are Christians than all other groups combined. No one in the news media will call for examination of the attitudes toward Christians. It’s taken for granted by the media that making fun of and hating Christians is acceptable and reasonable. Because over 90 percent of the media including the news media have an anti-Christian liberal worldview and agenda, their arguments should be examined carefully. Not only are Christians called to be salt, they are called to test things and take things with a grain of salt! There’s only one kind of news that is completely believable and always true, and it’s the good news of Jesus!

D.D. Nave