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Nave touts the importance of ‘being saved’

It’s great more people attend church on Easter since the Bible says to attend church. However, your religiousness and your rituals don’t make you righteous. So the important question isn’t, “Have you been to church?” The most important question in life is, “Have you been to the bloody cross of Jesus?”

There’s no substitute for the cross, even in our bodies. Thousands of years before the world knew about laminin, Paul wrote in Colossians, Jesus holds everything together. Now science found we are held together from a literal standpoint, one cell to another by the cross-shaped protein laminin. Laminin is the glue of the human body and helps prevent cancer. When we accept and trust Jesus’ finished work on the cross as the complete and only payment for our sins and turn from sin, Jesus permanently removes our spiritual cancer of sin and spiritually makes us righteous. In these last days, there will be a great shaking and most peoples’ lives will fall apart. However, if Jesus is your life and your Bible is falling apart, your life won’t be!
There’s no substitute for the blood, physically and spiritually. People make money selling their blood plasma because science has made no substitute for blood. The Bible says we overcome by the blood of Jesus. As one Christian t-shirt says, “A blood donor saved me!”

Having created everything from nothing, God is the ultimate artist. At the cross God did to the highest degree what the classical artist said is required for great art which is to show truth, goodness and beauty with love tying the three together. At the cross, God gave us a portrait of His love with His arms open wide to receive us if we put our trust in Him only and turn from sin. On Good Friday, a day of creative brilliance surpassing all others-God the ultimate artist-completed on the cross His most priceless, bloody masterpiece!
Churches have sunrise services on Easter. It’s even more important for Christians to be looking for and ready for the Son to come through the clouds with great glory. The Bible says many will be ashamed at the return of Jesus. Christians raptured by Jesus will have no need of the undertaker, because they will be taken by the great uppertaker and overcomer aka, Jesus!

We are seeing signs of Jesus soon coming with historic cosmic activity. Last month we saw an asteroid and a meteor and this month a comet. Next year we will have rare blood moons on the Jewish feast which has always meant war. A comet is coming this November called the ISON comet which is expected to be the brightest in history.

It’s time to stop focusing on ourselves (I), put down the iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc. and get ready for the return of the ISON(aka, Jesus) who could come before you finish reading this. Dr. Jack Van Impe said he isn’t looking for any more signs, he’s listening for sounds, “Come up here!”

D.D. Nave
Elizabethton, TN