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Nave claims steel cross found at WTC on 9/11 was symbolic of Christianity

Easter makes Christians think about the cross Jesus died on for our sins. There’s no substitute for the cross even in our bodies. Scientist say a cross-shaped protein named laminin holds all of our cells together. The Bible says Jesus holds everything together and without Jesus everything falls apart. In the rubble of the 9/11 destruction a steel cross was found. It was a God provided reminder that Jesus is present even in tragedy. God provided a reminder with the 17-foot cross that nothing can separate those people Jesus rescued (Christians) from Jesus and His love. Romans 8 lists 17 things that can’t separate Christians from the love of Jesus. Christians have always faced persecution and hardship and still do as ISIS reminds us. However the Bible brings comfort by promising that it’s impossible to be separated from the love of Jesus. That love was demonstrated on the cross with the arms of Jesus open wide to receive us!
The 2001 radical Muslim terrorist attack in New York City was celebrated in Muslim countries while Americans mourned the death of almost 3000. It was like the first judgment on Moses’ people that also left almost 3000 dead. Most people saw the cross as a symbol of faith and hope, except atheists who sued but failed to have the cross removed from the National September 11 Museum and Memorial. While atheists use the American courts to try to remove all crosses, the Muslim terrorists use force to remove all crosses from the world. Evil people can’t destroy the cross. In the same way evil kings and dictators tried for centuries to destroy every copy of the Bible but failed. In fact the Bible has proven indestructible and we have more ancient  copies of the Bible than any book. Ironically in the 9/11 tragedy the radical Muslim terrorists created the very symbol they are trying to destroy all over the earth. Americans should remember among the rubble of 9/11 destruction God resurrected a steel cross. We should celebrate and never forget behind the boulder on the most important morning in world history, Easter morning, God accepted the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins and resurrected our Savior and soon coming King-Jesus!

D.D. Nave
Elizabethton, TN