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Mother responds to volleyball letter

Dear Editor:
It is sad when one makes a judgment of another’s character based on a picture printed in the paper.  The uniforms worn by the JCHS volleyball team is in no way a reflection of the character of these young women.  Seven out of the eight senior volleyball players have respectfully represented Johnson County for the past six years. These ladies have exhibited sportsmanship that has been admired by coaches, referees, parents, fans, peers, and even opponents. 
 These senior players have grown from 7th graders, eager to learn about the sport, to leaders both off and on the court.  Four of these ladies are members of the National Honor Society, and all are making plans to attend college in the Fall of 2013.  Many are active in school, community, and church activities.  
 I am a very proud mother of a senior volleyball player!  It has been a pleasure to sit in the stands for six years with parents, grandparents, and  many others and cheer our girls on!  I am very proud of our volleyball players.  I am proud of who they are, what they have become, and what they are going to be!   
 Am I proud to be a Longhorn?  Yes, I am!

Edna Miller