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More criticism for Jim Koenig letters

Dear Editor:

Two weeks ago, The Tomahawk carried a second letter from Jim Koenig in which he lasciviously draws readers’ attention to the girls volleyball players’ butts and crotches. And he does this, all the while artfully cloaking his fetish by using references to his bible and words of disapproval like “shameful” and “immodest”. Here’s a quick response to what can only be called his specious reasoning.
Harlots wear short shorts, so the uniforms make the players look like harlots. Iraq’s late Saddam Hussein and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad wear business suits, so American preachers and presidents look like bloodthirsty Middle Eastern despots?
“The uniform draws lustful eyes to the girls’ bodies.” Well, apparently so, at least in the case of one man’s lustful eyes. But those not cursed with lustful eyes are more likely paying attention to the volleyball game going on.
“The Tomahawk photos would have been considered pornography years ago.” Not to mention today’s standard beachwear and swimming suits, eh Jim?. So, Parents Seeking to Escape Koenig’s “Disapproving” Eye, you need to outfit your little harlot emulators with 1900’s swimming suits. Or maybe burqas.
And what about those formfitting football uniforms that draw lustful eyes to young boys’ tushes.
“If a girl walked down South Shady wearing these skimpy volleyball shorts, she would be stared at, whispered about, and called slang names.” Of course, that’s a reflection on the shorts and not on the starers, whisperers, and name callers. Right?
To conclude, Koenig tosses in the standard Johnson Countian reference to God to justify one’s prejudices, obsessions, and hangups. “Do as I say or you’ll answer to God”.
“Do only that which pleases God.” What makes Jim so sure that God doesn’t find short shorts very pleasing? After all, weren’t crotches and butts all His creation?

Terry Wintroub
Mountain City