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McKay says there are good and honest people in Mountain City

Dear Editor,
I am writing to commend the great people who live in Mountain City, Tennessee.  I live in Kingsport, Tennessee and was visiting your wonderful city on July 22, 2016.  We stopped in for a quick snack at the McDonald’s.   I inadvertently left my pocketbook at one of the booths, which contained cash; credit card; and a cell phone.  I was made aware I was not in possession of the
pocketbook several hours later.
It was determined that the last time I remembered being in possession of my pocketbook was at McDonald’s.  Upon arrival at the restaurant, the manager, Ms. Lori Williams, handed over my pocketbook to me.  After thanking her profusely, she replied that an honest citizen handed it over to her.  To the unknown person, thank you so much.  You saved me the grief of having to replace everything!
Someone had once mentioned to me that there are good honest people who live in Mountain City, and I concur!
Also, Ms. Williams had left a message on my phone in Kingsport to insure that the correct person was contacted.  I want to thank her and McDonalds and the honest person who handed over the pocketbook!  May God bless them!
Amy McKay
Kingsport, Tennessee