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Mary Salter invites local candidates to take action

Dear Editor:

As I drive through Johnson County I can’t help but notice the multiple signs for candidates running for the different offices to be decided In August. Actually I can’t stop thinking of who these people are that have thrown their names in the hat to become an elected official.
I recognize the names of those already serving in the positions they are seeking to retain. For the most part I have a good idea of how well each of those candidates have done while holding their positions.

Running for a position to serve the people is so much more than placing a sign along the side of the road hoping your neighbors, relatives and friends will help you win. This should not be about who has the most friends who will vote, but who has what it takes to truly make a difference for Johnson County.

I am amazed at the sign of a candidate running for Mayor. His sign states MORE JOBS. Those words sound great, but that’s all they are, words. Putting ideas on signs just don’t make it happen. It takes a person with total dedication to the office they hold to turn the tides.
For those voters who have lived in Johnson County most if not all of their lives you know how difficult it is to get a community to unite and agree on an idea, a cause, or change. More jobs is a promise not a reality.
We have all heard candidates running for an office make all kinds of promises. The problem is they are not able to fulfill those promises. As they say “Talk is cheap.”

This election should not be run on a popularity contest. This is not a senior prom where the most popular receives the crown. This is our lives we are voting for. This is about our rights as taxpayers and landowners. This is reality and that reality is to make sure those wanting to be elected to run YOUR county have only one goal in mind and that is to improve on what is already here.
The best way is to look and listen to what the candidates are doing not just saying. You should get to know these candidates on a more personal level. I am guilty of forming opinions of a few of the candidates without ever having spoken to them. I was fortunate to have met and spoken with some of them this weekend at an event sponsoring the Fisher House, a charity which supports our military families.
While speaking with each of the candidates who showed up, I was amazed at just how passionate these men and women were about their views and ideas for the county. While speaking to them I had an idea. How can I make my experience of getting to know these candidates better a possibility for the entire county?

Are you ready for this? A meet and greet. Better yet a debate. If a candidate really wants to be a part of running our county they should speak to its voters and let us know what makes them the best choice for us.

Our Community Gives Back is hosting the 5th Annual Watauga Lake Cleanup on Saturday, July 19th. There will be a picnic following the cleanup with prizes and entertainment at Fish Springs Marina. I am willing to allow the candidates to speak at the event and tell us why we should vote for you.

Here is my challenge to all the candidates. Come out from behind your signs and let us hear your opinions and ideas. Tell us how you are going to work for us. Will the real candidates please show up?

If you are interested in helping us Make A Difference you can register that morning 9:00 @ either Sink Mountain Boat Ramp or Fish Springs Marina and help clean the lake.

Those candidates wanting to attend can contact Mary Salter at 423-768-0363 for further information. You do not have to participate in the clean up to speak at the picnic.
PS. There will be news coverage. (Just saying)

Here’s Hoping the Best Candidates Win,
Mary Salter, President
Our Community Gives Back