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Mann prevails over struggles with faith

Dear Editor,

First let me say that this is intended to honor and glorify my God.  It is such a wonderful blessing to live in a place where people love and care for one another.  I am thankful to all the kind and charitable folks that God has placed in my life through our recent trial.  Over the last year, God has revealed Himself in my life as Comforter, Provider, Friend, My Strength, Machseh, Yahweh Tsur, El Roi, and Yahweh Yireh.  Thank you Father.
 In May 2012, In The Beginning Early Learning Center had to close it’s doors due to circumstances beyond our control (but not His).  The year following was arduous and time consuming but we were faithful and as His word says He moved mountains.  
We re-opened our doors thirteen months later in order to fulfill the ministry He has given us.  The entire community is invited to our Open House on Tuesday, August 20th from 4:00 until 7:00 PM.  
The ministry of In The Beginning Learning & Care is to provide a stable, enriching and loving environment for children while their parents are working.  The children and their families receive God’s blessing through the benefit of a place where He is worshipped and praised.  
There were over 40 individuals who volunteered, gave materials and monetary gifts.  Thank you Johnson County for following the Lord’s lead to ensure the continuance of His ministry to the children and families that we serve.


In His Service,
Jacqueline Mann