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Malone thankful for Good Samaritans

Dear Editor:

I am counting my blessings. We had car trouble coming out of Butler, TN. Special thanks to state trooper Chris Dunn and Jack Cress from Mountain View Service Station in Mountain City. Both of these gentlemen went out of their way to help us.

We were in the middle of a curve, going up a large hill when our transmission went out. We had to pull over to the right side of the road and barely made that.  Traffic was fast and unpredictable due to the large curve we were in. We had no phone service and were just to the point of wondering what the heck to do when we saw those flashing blue lights in our rear view mirror.
State trooper Dunn was understanding and caring. He tried to help us move the car but it was going nowhere. The back end of his car was in the road a little and we were worried about that, but he said he could not get over any further due to the way the road flowed. He called in for AAA towing for us and stayed with us until the service truck arrived and he was called away.  Not only was he courteous and kind, we were obviously upset about the car as well as where we had to “land,” but he was calming, and helped distract us from our anxiety.

He stayed until Jack came who brought us home first and then took our SUV on to a transmission shop.  Jack was also courteous and kind and talked with us on the way home.  Although it took an hour, we could not have asked for a better ride or company.

Thank you to both gentlemen.  If you ever find yourself with car trouble in this area of the country, do not worry.  You are in good hands.

Tony Malone