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Local resident thankful for a friendly encounter

Dear Editor:

I came to Mountain City almost two years ago; I have lived in many places and was so excited about settling back into my heritage of the Appalachian Mountains. The part of the Appalachian Mountains where I grew up was known for being your best friend from beginning to end. Of course, my area had a population of somewhere around 200 people. I found myself lost, lonely and really not knowing where to go.
You see, I have been a missionary since the age of 16. I love people. Helping people and getting to know them is an experience that one will never forget. I have had good experiences and bad experiences that literally rocked my world.
The other day I had a dental appointment and I want to add I am terrified of dentists. When we walked into the dental office we were greeted with the most kind, courteous presence by a local couple. The gentleman went out of his way to let us know we were important, respected, and welcome to Mountain City. Wow! What a wonderful feeling and God like ways. His wife welcomed me with a smile, a gentle voice, a kind heart and a hug that I needed for almost two years. The fruits of the spirit were also present. This couple gave me more than money can buy. They shared conversation, showed love and a big welcome to Mountain City.
I would like to take this time and say a big Godly thank you. I once was lost in Mountain City and you reminded me of what my mission was here in the Mountain City area. Thank you for just being you, Phil and Paula Walter.

In God’s service,
Joy Welborn