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Local resident expresses frustration over frivolous government spending

Dear Editor:

It seems as if most all politicians just know how to spend and tax. Just recently Greene County had spent above their means and decided to increase the wheel tax by $35 to cover their debt. Please talk to our officials and let them know now we do not need unnecessary spending. For example, $200,000 for building at Doe Mountain, a deal, but in my opinion putting the cart before the horse; and raises for most all county employees, while we all like more income, a steady check and balanced budget makes more sense. The salaries for elected officials are ridiculous, but as I understand, they are set by more elected officials. Maybe instead of increasing our taxes again, they will consider maintaining what we currently have, or lo and behold, cut back. We don’t have to keep up with the pace of other counties.

Tim Goode
Mountain City, TN