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Local business owner voices concerns about ATV use in city

Thank you Karla Prudhomme! Finally someone that cares about our small town and how it looks. Keep up the good work. Thank you Vice Mayor Crosswhite. Do we really a town full of ATVs? That’s what Doe Mountain is for. Has anyone taken the time to ask the residents and all business owners of Mountain City what they think and want for our town? No!

Mayor Keeble, you and some aldermen said no to the Farmers Market in our city park because the parking lot couldn’t accommodate the overflow of parking. Really? But you jump right in and build “another” ball field. How are you going to handle all the parking for that?

Back to the ATVs, we will all probably need one sooner or later. Since closed bridges are not being fixed or replaced and the entrances to apartments and businesses has become nothing but rock piles and pot holes! It has become harder to get in and out of areas inside the city. So, Mr. Mayor how about taking care of existing problems in “our city” before starting something else?

How about some more covered picnic areas, in the park for “our citizens”? Some new playground equipment for “our kids”? How about taking care of Mountain City! How about doing things for the good of our town!

Janie Ward