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Letters to the editor: United Way

November 7, 2018

Dear Editor,

It is with a heavy heart that the United Way of Mountain City, Johnson County announces that effective December 31, 2018 we will no longer be active. After 21 years of fund raising campaigns, our United Way raised more than $800,000 for agencies serving Johnson County. Nevertheless, the all-volunteer Board has determined that other community projects and personal obligations preclude us from the substantial efforts involved in running fund raising campaign and associated administrative requirements. Having exhausted all efforts to find others to pick up this volunteer service, we will cease operations at the end of this calendar year. We are proud of what has been accomplished on our watch.

It has been our pleasure and joy to be involved with the many human care agencies funded in those 21 years. Johnson County citizens have supported our United Way generously with their donations so that the many incredible organizations here have been able to address their missions a little easier with this financial help. These organizations continue to impact so many lives every day and we are truly proud to have been a small part of that. Many of you have served on our Board of Directors and Allocation Panels over the years – giving your time and experience to help us make a difference in Johnson County. We thank you for that support.

So while we will not be in business, it is our hope that our community donors will continue to support the organizations that have participated in prior United Way campaigns. They can do so by making donations directly to the organizations of their choice. Thank you Johnson County for your continued and generous support over the years. Together we have definitely made a difference.

For the Board
Ruth Ann Osborn