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Letters to the editor: Tough decisions response

In response to John Robinson’s “Tough decisions have to be made by all”

I offer the following.
First, I addressed the same issues Mr. Robinson addressed in his letter several years ago, but to no avail. We still have as many commissioners, as years past, which is five too many. I guess the $100.00 + dollars they make each month for so little work justify their membership in the good ‘ol boy network.I have met my commissioner, Bill Adams, once about five years (we have lived in beautiful mountain city for ten years now) when he was running for office and have not heard or seen him since.

We need less taxes such as the wheel tax, property tax increases and more, if more is required, then either a general sales tax for a limited time, i.e. two years. Vote to allow beer and wine sales in the city and county. Those that do drink beer and wine must spend the money out of town thereby mountain city losing valuable tax dollars.
Without more good restaurants being able to offer wine and/or beer to their customers with a good meal mountain city will be known as the fast food capital of Johnson County. We need to move out of the 19th century and into the 21st century.

There is as definite lack of communication between the commissioners and their constituents. Perhaps they could obtain e-mail addresses or simple a newsletter when they could then offer their constituents what will be voted upon and receive feedback and then vote how the constituents feel they should and not on their personal agenda. Results could then be printed in The Tomahawk for everyone to see and constituents could then contact the commissioner of their concerns. Additionally, there should be term limitations to commissioner’s office which will allow for fresh ideas from new members of the community and not those set in their ways. I suggest two – three terms with one third of the commissioners being replaced at a time.

I realize there is a commissioners meeting monthly and constituents could voice their concerns however, there is a time limitation on speaking and how many constituents can you fit in the hearing room and listen to their concerns for all the commissioners? Concluding I predict that nothing will change and our taxes will continue to go up without looking for alternative options.

George Spreyne