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Letters to the Editor: Thank you

Dear Editor,
We moved to East Tennessee two years ago from the ‘flatlands’ near Raleigh NC. The natural beauty and cooler temperatures of the Johnson County area were a big draw for us, as I believe they are for many newcomers.
The beautiful mountain trails, cool, clean creeks, wildflowers and abundant wildlife are irreplaceable resources that should not be taken for granted by anyone, ever, not native locals or recent residents. And while we came here to be closer to family and have a better view, we have since discovered another natural resource that’s equally valuable; the people of Johnson County, TN.

You are welcoming, hospitable and your kindness has meant a lot to us. Thank you for making this place feel like home. One resident, in particular, has been especially helpful, Mayor Larry Potter. When we realized we’d need help with our litter pick-up efforts, I made many phone calls to any and every local authority I could think of and ended up on the phone with Mayor Potter. He was helpful and frank about the littering problem here and made us feel less hopeless about the issue. Since that phone call, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Potter in person at a variety of events from fund-raising spaghetti suppers to small business owner meetings. He was there, listening, lending his support and basically doing his job.

I meant to call him again recently to say thank you for all of the litter clean-up efforts we have seen in our neck of the woods. It didn’t seem right to call and complain and then not call back when things got better, but I reckon “Larry” is used to that. Remember to vote.

Jeana Taylor