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Letters to the Editor: MyRide transportation

November 21, 2018

Dear Editor,

MyRide Transportation is my ride to a pleasant afternoon doing whatever “floats my boat”! This is a blessing to all seniors not able to drive and who do not live in town. Whether you just want to wander around town and stop in the different shops and go into your favorite place for a bite to eat it leads to a relaxing day.

It is your choice to plan the day with going to a craft center, getting your hair done, shopping or meeting a friend for lunch. This was my first experience with MyRide, and I went home happy and filled with thoughts of planning my next day out. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Kathy Motsinger for bringing this transportation program to the Johnson County Senior Center. Hiring Danae Marshall has been wonderful as the MyRide Coordinator. She goes above and beyond to help you.

The driver was very courteous and helpful with carrying my shopping bags to my doorstep. It was a great experience. What more could one ask for? It was a day not having to do something but doing whatever “floats my boat.” I highly recommend this program – try it, you will like it!!!

Sincerely, Valerie Edes