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Letters to the Editor- Mayor Parsons

November 21, 2018

A letter from Mountain City Mayor Kevin Parsons

Dear Editor,
I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the Tomahawk sports editor, Tim Chambers, again for his excellent coverage of our local sports here in Mountain City.  I have yet to read an article from another sportswriter that makes any game played as clear and concise as he does. I know that he “gets it” when it comes to knowing what just a small recognition does for a talented athlete when they have excelled in a game.

The fact of the matter is how Tim is able to do that each week for each game whether football, tennis or volleyball is a talent all in itself and he is to be commended for it. I firmly believe that without the recognition one deserves when a notable accomplishment is made, there is a sense of not having a desire to push harder whether it be for that person or others following in their steps. Tim’s coverage of our high school football team again this year is a prime example of why I am writing this letter as many believed our 11-1 season last year would turn into a 1-11 season this year since many on last years team graduated.

I can’t help but to believe that Tim’s great sports coverage is a large part of the drive that helped the team have another great season. My desire to serve our community is only because I feel we can do better for our youth and my goal at the end of the day is to make sure I have tried to do that.  Tim’s work showcasing our athletes helps others outside of this town see that we are a community that does come together and cares about each other. That goes such a long way and helps my job of trying to recruit new opportunities for business or industry here so much easier.  Our community, like many other small co

mmunities in the region, historically have higher rates of both adult and juvenile delinquencies when it compares with other areas.
I have said it to other sportswriters before and would like to say it again that, since Tim began covering sports for The Tomahawk, I have personally seen an improvement in not only our athletic programs from baseball, football, basketball, and even tennis but an improvement as a whole in how our young people become young adults and future leaders in our community.

In closing, while I certainly love seeing my children mentioned in the articles, we know they are given the encouragement and attention from Ann and myself to make them reach higher to achieve their goals.  When Tim covers the players that don’t have that same family support and involvement we give our kids, that helps those kids improve in every game and in life.

Anytime I am given the opportunity to carry on a conversation with our athletes and fans for that matter, what is usually hear is how much what Tim writes helps all the players and fans of our Longhorn teams to achieve more.
I feel the pride this gives them and myself along with many others here in our town. I can’t help but think that showcasing our sports and the good things that happen in our town will produce better leaders and make our city prosper in the future and I for one appreciate Mr. Chambers for doing that.

Kevin Parsons
Mayor, Town of Mountain City Tennessee