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Letters to the editor: Liberal “clap trap”

Dear Editor,
More liberal clap trap on the opinion pages of the Tomahawk in the “Institutionalized Cruelty” article. No one is separating “immigrant” families. Rather criminals are being separated from their children just like they are every day as folks are taken to jail for breaking the law.

These people choose to come here illegally and break our immigration laws and need to be held accountable. Liberals want you to believe this sprang up after Trump was elected – wrong the practice has been in place for a decade.
Just like civil war memorials which have been around for 100 plus years liberals have awoken to suddenly be offended.
It is time for our country’s laws to be vigorously enforced. Try entering Mexico illegally and see what happens – you won’t get housing, education, medical care and food stamps – you will be imprisoned. Enough with the propaganda!

Deborah Roush