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Letters to the editor: Bredesen visit

October 24, 2018

Dear Editor,

In a recent article about Governor Phil Bredesen’s trip to Northeast Tennessee, you referenced “hecklers” in the crowd.  While these young men were indeed hecklers, they were doing so at the behest of Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. In fact, they are paid to do so by  Blackburn’s campaign and at least one of its allies. These young men have attempted to be disruptive at several events that Governor Bredesen has held around the state.  Thankfully, they have flatly failed in these efforts.

While they have dishonestly identified themselves as “concerned citizens” to other attendees, including members of the media, they have identified themselves to others as employees of Blackburn for Senate and America Rising PAC, a right-wing dark money organization out of DC. The actions of these young men are part and parcel of the hyper-partisan Swamp politics coming out of Washington these days. It’s no surprise that Blackburn would employ such tactics after 16 years in the Swamp, but Tennesseans deserve far better from anyone that wants to be one of our elected leaders.

Mark Brown
Tennessee Democratic Party