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Letters to the editor: anti “Editorial Public Enemies”

October 3, 2018

Editor’s note: In response to our recent editorial page, I have received several letters expressing opinion of a piece written by Nu Yang entitled “Editorial Public Enemies,” which was originally published in the September 11, 2018 issue of Editor & Publisher. Two of such letters to the editor are printed below. I would like to thank their authors for reading The Tomahawk, as well as making use of the media, which allow many to be heard and personal opinions to be expressed.
Thank you,

‘Editorial Public Enemies’

Dear Editor,

The Tomahawk continues to disappoint with their “Editorial” selections.
Another laughable waste of ink and space regarding the danger to the media and democracy – right up there with the recent tome like discussion of “man made climate change” by a political science major.

When journalist return to journalism instead of the current trend to make up stories, slant information and right out create propaganda that supports their personal beliefs maybe they will regain their stature as being an essential part of democracy.

But as they continue to try to manipulate public opinion rather than report facts they will remain an enemy of a true free society. The fact that we have a President that calls them out on their lies is the biggest boost this country has had to true democracy in a decade.

As to their safety, another laughable premise, until they start slanting their reporting to propagandize for conservative philosophies they are safe and sound as has been proven time and again – it is the left that resorts to actual violence. Holding Acosta up as a role model of journalism in this piece is the funniest part of all as any derision pointed at him is well earned.

Deborah Roush

Dear Editor,

In response to the “editorial public “ enemies” I offer the following.

There should be no friendly media or unfriendly media but only a media that reports the facts and not give opinions detrimental to the facts. All forms of media should not be one that is biased to the media’s representatives be they media owners and/or editors.

Fake, disgusting, failing, the enemy, these are a few words that the left wing liberal media are guilty of today. They support a socialism to bring America down to their level.

I suggest the mass media start addressing the meaningful, relevant, issues and not attack those that are attempting to solve the problems. The media should focus on the problems of illegal aliens, health care, employment for those on welfare by providing concrete solutions that are not biased. Housing and food should be basics with solutions not relying on social programs that only enable the individuals of these programs to fall further into socialism and more dependent upon the socialistic programs. They need jobs not social programs.

You freely use the words “a commitment to free speech and a free press” but only what meets what standards that suit your personal views. You state “the press is not the enemy” I contend the press/media is the enemy because I believe they are self serving and not in the best interest of the American people.

The media needs to start addressing why our representatives and senators fail to address the issues without political party affiliation differences. Common sense is totally lacking in our representatives. They focus on political party agendas, period. Where is the media to report on this problem without choosing sides themselves.

A pew research center poll found liberals outnumber conservatives by some five to one. When you are a liberal and everyone else around you is as well it is easy to fall into group thinking on what stories are important, what sources are legitimate and what the narrative of the day will be.

The liberal media should start taking personal as well as professional responsibility. Still wonder who wrote the article without leaving their name as required by the Tomahawk.

George A. Spreyne
The value of the example