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Letters to the Editor 5/30/18- Ag Center

Dear Editor

This is in regards to the news item about the proposed Ag Center. In the article it stated that the center “would serve as a formal meeting place to allow for banquets and group meetings hosting large number of participants.” Is this the sole purpose of the Center? If not, why weren’t more details given in the meeting/newspaper [Tomahawk]?

If it’s just for a meeting place then how many meeting places does the county need? The public was informed when the Armory and Welcome Center were built that they would be available for public use for meetings, dinner, etc. We also have the Crewette building and the Kathleen S. Mount meeting room at the library. We also have a few church’s with large fellowship halls and kitchens that are available to the public.

How much cost to the county (taxpayers) will be needed on a monthly, yearly basis for maintenance, utilities, insurance, etc? In other words, is this a necessary expenditure for the continued development of our county?

Lynn Adams