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Letter to the editor: What is a welcome center?

What is a “Welcome Center”?

Dear Editor,

We have Welcome Centers along the interstate to welcome us to that particular state or locality.  We also have them in practically every town or city. They are a place where we can gather information about what is happening in that state or town, usually a great source of maps, brochures, flyers, or whatever materials needed to advertise and entice travelers, or even residents to participate or patronize the local events or businesses.

This is true even of our local Welcome Center here in Mountain City, TN. It is a beautiful facility filled with local artifacts, books, brochures, and wealth of information to help travelers as well as locals, find what they are looking for. If they don’t have the info you want handy, they can usually get it either through the Internet or a couple of phone calls, which they are glad to do.

So, my point here is with all this willingness to get out the info to everyone about everything going on in Johnson County, why are they being ignored when it comes to some local events, for instance, “The Long Journey Home” music event coming up this week? They advertise for it, they give out maps and brochures for it, but are not part of the tour. You would think that is where it should start. You would go there, pick up your tour map, some local info and then start the tour. Nope, not here.

They are not recognized as any part of the event.  So, as to attempt to gain some recognition for the Welcome Center this year, we are promoting it with local music and still giving out all the info for the county events. So, come by on September 1, and hear local bluegrass gospel band The Privette Family and tour our beautiful welcome center and find info about local events and what’s happening in Johnson County.
Thank you for visiting our Welcome Center.
Tommy Privette