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Let's keep our teens driving safely all year

I would like to thank the students and advisors involved in SADD of Johnson County for raising awareness about teen driving throughout May, which is National Youth Traffic Safety Month.
More than 5,000 people die in car crashes involving teen drivers each year, and the number of deaths in 2009 in our state should trouble all Tennesseans. The “License to Save” report issued by The Allstate Foundation indicates more than 158 people died in Tennessee in 2009 in crashes involving teen drivers. It is the work of teens and advisors such as those involved in SADD of Johnson County who can help us change the culture of teen driving in our state.
While I am grateful for the awareness raised during National Youth Traffic Safety Month, teen safe driving is a year-round campaign. I lead the Tennessee Teen Safe Driving Coalition and we work all year to educate parents, teens and others about how to develop safe teen drivers. I encourage everyone interested in teen driving to join us and end this public safety epidemic. Together, we can save lives not just in May but every month of the year.

Sonya Manfred
Tennessee Teen Safe Driving Coalition Leader