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Lauer responds to Donald Wilson letter

I can identify with last week’s letter from Donald Wilson about living with mental illness. I also live with mental illness and have attempted suicide more than once. When you are in a deep depression it’s hard to remember that there is anything worth living for. Sometimes just getting up in the morning and getting dressed can be too big a job.
The good news is that Johnson County residents have more than one place to go to for help. The bad news is that the help can be difficult to find. The Johnson County Counseling Center is the only agency listed in the Yellow Pages. They offer therapy for those that need help coping with the daily business of life. A psychiatrist is on staff. Call 727-2100 for an appointment.
Senior Life Solutions is a new program offered by Mountain States Psychiatry at the Johnson County Community Hospital. This program offers intensive out-patient therapy for those 55 and older. They develop an individualized program of treatment using a variety of therapies. A psychiatrist is on staff. Call 727-1100 for more information.
Higher Ground Peer Support Center offers a free support and education program for adults recovering from mental illness. There is no medical staff, just people who have suffered the trials of mental illness and are willing to share experiences and strategies for coping. Transportation is provided. Call 727-8685 for more information.
The local National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) chapter also offers a free program of peer support and education. The NAMI program is for individuals suffering from mental illness as well as their family and friends. Call 727-4794 for more information.
Mr. Wilson, there is help available to free the demons in your mind. Whether it is medication, talk therapy or a combination of both, free or not, there are a variety of programs offering help. You do not have to face your demons alone. Please get help.

Coy Lauer
President, NAMI Mountain City