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Koenig responds to criticism

My letter in the October 10th. edition sure did ruffle some female feathers among the volleyball Moms in Johnson County, but equally interesting, my phone rang off the hook, emails poured in and we were approached in public by men and women who thought the assessment of the lewd, sexually provocative uniforms was accurate, and, two of them were parents of this year’s volleyball team.  Instead of confronting the actual issue of the uniform itself, the rebuttal writers saw a need to browbeat the messenger, change the subject, confuse the issue, and trivialize the warning about the shameful, immodest uniforms.  
These were my points in the letter, we would ask Tomahawk readers to answer “True or False” after each of them:  1. Harlots in Las Vegas wear the same exact type of immodest shorts.  2. The uniform draws lustful eyes to the girls’ bodies. 3. The Tomahawk photos would have been considered pornography years ago. 4. I said we did not have an issue with the girls, but rather with their parents, school board members and sports leaders who think it okay to wear shorts that come up to the female butt and crotch.  5. We stated that Johnson County girls in the past wore baggy shorts to the knees and did fine in volleyball. Well, true or false?  Moms, it’s all about the shorts, not character, just the shorts. Your teenage boys and girls will not tell you this, but they all think those volleyball shorts, up to the private areas, are sexy.  Does that surprise you, Mom? Well, it didn’t surprise Dad and Grandpa, because they used to be teenage boys!
If a girl walked down South Shady wearing these skimpy volleyball shorts, she would be stared at, whispered about, and called slang names. Shorts up to the female crotch are not allowed in our school hallways, but yet, it’s condoned in the gym?  School board members, parents and pastors, why are you silent on this?  There is no valid reason for sexual explicit immodesty in our schools.  Again, the old baggy shorts to the knees worked great in prior generations and were modest.  Times have changed, but God’s Word has not …. “Be ye holy.”
Any mother or father who would allow their daughter to dress immodestly, whatever the occasion, should be ashamed, and will answer to God for their decision.  “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  Proverbs 1:7

Jim Koenig
Mountain City