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Keefer says all citizens should be more involved in holding Congress accountable

Dear Editor,
This past presidential election was and will be one to remember.  Words and phrases to describe it most likely would include corruption, collusion, voter indifference, entertainment over substance, and failure of the parties to present viable candidates or to address critical issues facing our nation and the world.
Firstly, I would place blame on the media.  They failed to force the candidates to state their plans or proposals regarding foreign relations, climate change, specific job growth programs, inequality and living wage standards, dealing with the “War on Terror,” and the out of control Defense Department budget, now at $600 billion and scheduled to rise in the years ahead.  The media’s lack of due diligence during the election cycle was unacceptable.
Secondly, I blame the neo-liberals of the Democratic Party and the neo-cons of the Republican Party.  They both have the same objectives as how the country should be governed; specifically, the one-per centers and major corporations set goals and objectives that will increase free trade and continue globalization.  The methods used to achieve these goals usually include regime change and war making, of which there has been a non-stop supply for the last 15 years.  These policies have not worked and have caused massive casualties and created millions of refugees.  All of this chaos has been justified under concern for our national security and our self-appointed role as world policeman and sole superpower.
Finally, I think all citizens should be more involved in holding their Congress member accountable.  Ask them why we have become an empire-building nation with war-making the main tool in achieving our objectives.  Ask them why our defense spending exceeds that of China and Russia combined.  Ask them why 22 veterans per day commit suicide or why the VA is still underfunded and unable to meet the needs of active duty and veteran men and women. Make them commit to you that they are for the VA and Social Security and won’t privatize them.  One more thing, ask them to try peace for a change.

Michael Keefer
Member, Veterans for Peace (Est. 1985)