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Keefer “disappointed” in City Council decision about market

Dear Editor:

I was very disappointed at the rejection of the JCFM’s petition to move to Ralph Stout Park by Mayor Keeble and the City Council. To me the issue was a no-brainer; no cost or liability to the city, a growing enterprise that has attracted a larger base of customers, and a developing sense of community spirit. Mayor Keeble’s reasons for rejection such as interference with other events (like what?) and it would take up too much parking (the market is open four hours a week for less than six months) simply don’t hold water.
This decision is more than about the farmer’s market. It is a rejection of the local food movement, the agricultural heritage of the county, and any attempt toward progress. The Mayor and Council have to realize that the decisions they make affect the county as well as the city. This was a bad decision and needs to be reversed.

Michael A. Keefer