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Johnson County Humane Society is hoping for community support

To the Editor:

The Johnson County Humane Society has been helping the animals and their owners in this county since its beginning in 1977.  
Although limited in the early years, the services the society has provided to Johnson County have steadily increased over the years.  The spaying and neutering of pets has always been a major project of the society.  Since 2001 the society has, through grants, donations and fund-raisers, spent over $210,000 and spayed or neutered over 4000 animals in Johnson County.  This program is still alive and helping low income residents get their pets spayed and neutered.
In 2008 the society opened a Pet Adoption Center in Butler where over 300 animals were taken in and found loving homes.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of volunteers and rising cost per animal, that facility had to be closed in 2013.  Although the society no longer has an adoption program, they are still dedicated to the welfare of the county’s residents and animals, hence the call for help.
Although the town of Mountain City has animal control, the county does not! The sheriff has stated that the second largest number of complaints he receives are animal related! These calls go largely unanswered because no one is trained to handle them, and there is no facility to house any animals picked up. The only way the county will appropriate funds for animal control is if the citizens of Johnson County demand it.
The Johnson County Humane Society is on the agenda of the October 16 county commissioners meeting to show reason animal control is  vital to the welfare and safety of our citizens.
If you have ever had, or are currently having problems that are animal related, please join the Johnson County Humane Society at the October 16 commissioners meeting and give us your support.  The meeting is at 7pm in the upper courtroom of the Johnson County courthouse.  Thank you.


Al Gryder
Board of Director Member, JCHSI