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Is there an end time clock ticking in 2012?

Never has the general public demonstrated such an interest in the possibility of an end time happening as today. People want to know if the end times might happen in the near future and if so when that might occur. The December 2012 predictions of an ancient Aztec calendar, timelines in the Great Pyramid, the writings of Nostradamus along with commonly held theories regarding Bible prophecy are capturing the interest of more and more people every day.
Sorting fact from fiction amid all the conflicting predictions and prophecies being touted is becoming increasingly difficult to do. This is especially true in the Christian world where even the most highly regarded Christian leads and Bible scholars base their thinking and teaching on the 17th and 18th century theories not on Biblical facts.
The Bible is a book of prophecies, most of which have been fulfilled. God has always “hit the mark” and thus can be expected to be right on about His Prophecies for the Last Days. These have been ignored as the man conceived “theories” as taught by 95% of the prophecy teachers/pastors are regarded as Gospel.
A handful of brave, bold pastors and teachers are attempting to overcome these misconceptions that are so firmly entrenched in modern Christianity world wide, not only to provide correct information to Christians but to people everywhere who want to know and need to know what really is going to happen in the not distant future. on the web is one source where verifiable facts of laid out easy to understand commentary that explains what God says will happen and how people can prepare for the difficult times ahead. Pastor Joseph Cores, Faith Cometh By Hearing ministry takes on the “science fiction” theories of the End of the Age, shreds them with documented research and replaces them with the irrefutable truths of God’s Word.
The clock is truly ticking. People need to be prepared and not blindsided because they were not taught the truth. The people following the Aztec calendar predications, those looking for dates on the timelines of the Pyramids, those putting their trust in the predications of Nostradamus or blindly following the “science fiction” theories of today’s popular prophecy teachers and pastors while seeking answers to their questions, can be prepared. The time to get the truth is now. can help.

Anne Stromberg