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Inappropriate unifroms?

Dear Editor:

I’ve never encountered a Las Vegas prostitute in person, but have seen them on the television show “Cops.”  It’s sad, but has anyone else noticed that the harlots out there wear the same, exactly the same, type of wicked short-shorts that the Johnson County girl’s volleyball team wears? It’s shameful, immodest and very unchristian to dress like that, especially in public, drawing men’s and boys’ lustful eyes to their bodies.  
The Tomahawk’s photos in the October 3rd newspaper and online would have been considered pornography 25 years ago, but are accepted in today’s morally corrupted culture.  What a shame!

The girls, particularly, the church-going ones, should know better and protest, but I’m not taking issue with them.  I’m wondering why their daddy’s allow it?  What in the world are the school board members thinking?  Why do the school sports leaders believe it’s okay to dress in shorts that come up to the female butt and crotch?  What have we become?
Our two daughters played volleyball in the 1980’s in culottes past the knees and excelled, and Johnson County girls used to wear baggy shorts to the knees and did fine in volleyball.  
Should the King James Bible be re-written to say, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel except when playing sports?”  Dads, Moms, why have you allowed your daughter to take on the ways of the heathen? If the school refuses to change, take your daughter out of that mess, take a stand for God!  The Bible still says…. Be ye holy.  


Jim Koenig
Mountain City