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iMke Keefer asks how Congress will pay for reforms

Dear Editor:
The Center for Responsive Politics ( is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan research organization which tracks money in U.S. politics. Its vision is to inform and empower America’s general public and voters. One of its activities is to collect and analyze the required personal financial disclosure forms of members of Congress.
The data for Tennessee’s senators and our 1st District Representative reveal the following in terms of their Net Worth:
● Senator Corker: $69.5Million (Ranked 4th highest in Senate)
● Senator Alexander: $14.2Million (Ranked 9th highest)
● Representative Roe: $5.0 Million (ranked 79th in House)
The above data were from 2015 filings for Corker and Roe and 2016 filings for Alexander. I think one can assume that these figures are presently (2017) higher given stock market performance over the last few years.The above figures should be kept in mind when one thinks about the current debate in Congress over proposed tax reform legislation. The true winners are almost always large corporations and the wealthiest of individuals, the 1%ers, who will enjoy massive increases in their tax reductions and personal net worth. How these “reforms” will be paid for is, of course, the key question.
I would suggest you contact your Congressmen and ask that question.
Mike Keefer