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Hutto cautions veterans about healthcare

To the Veterans Of Johnson County:

Recently several veterans received a letter from the VA advising them to use the emergency room at a non-VA facility. This brochure makes it look like the veteran is covered and has nothing to worry about. This is not true.
I have been working for the last few years to make sure that as many veterans as I can have secondary coverage if taken to a non-VA facility.
If you have Medicare this is considered other insurance, and the VA will not pay any of your emergency room, hospital, or transportation cost or charges. You need a supplemental insurance plan. You can only sign up one time per year, usually between Oct. 15, and Dec. 7th. My premium is $0.00 and the most that I would have to pay would be $500 per hospitalization, $700 if transported by ambulance service. This is a lot better than owing $5,000, $8,000, $10,000 or more. There are several different supplement programs available. If you want a plan where you pay less, then your monthly premium is going to be more. You can call me or Karen at your local VA office at 727-7929 and we will let you know what is available to help protect you from a catastrophic or devastating medical situation at the most economical and feasible solution.

Ralph E. Hutto
Johnson County Veterans Service Officer