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“Hip, hip hooray to Mayor Potter for Doe Mountain

Dear Editor:

I would like to say, “Hip hip hooray!” to Mayor Larry Potter on his acquisition of Doe Mountain. I don't think the citizens of Johnson County fully understand the blood, sweat and tears Mayor Potter has put in to make this happen. I've sat and spoken with him on several occasions during this lengthy and arduous process. His passion and dedication to this county is remarkable. It's not just a matter of making a phone call and saying, “We would like to keep Doe Mountain from being sold to outsiders.” It took months and months of research, paperwork, and meetings with government officials to make this happen.
Mayor Potter's sole intention was to save this place of beauty and bring much needed economic resources to this area. Mayor Potter is a very humble man. He would never let on how many sleepless nights and worry filled days he went through to accomplish this monumental task.
I voted for Mayor Potter when he ran for mayor because when I came to him the first year I wanted to start a Watauga Lake Cleanup, he jumped right in and supported me, knowing that the cleanup was a good thing for Johnson County. He truly cares for this county and the people who reside in it. In my opinion it's the best vote I've ever cast.
Hats off to you, Larry, for being the caring and concerned mayor this county needs. You have been a true asset to Johnson County. I know you will continue to put all your efforts into making Johnson County the best that it can be.

Mary Salter