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High praise for MEC, bone to pick with TVA

I’ve been thinking about the basics of life for which I’m grateful. Looking back over this year of weather disasters I wish to thank our electric service provider before the next weather disruption ‘hits the fan.’
I’m thankful for Mountain Electric Cooperative (MEC) and the hard work they accomplish for our community 24/7and 365 days a year. From customer services to the linemen that keep my power needs supplied I am grateful to MEC’s entire team of unsung heroes accomplishing stellar work.
MEC does a great job, however, I have a bone to pick with TVA.
TVA should be the national leader in energy efficiency.
In a recent report from the nation’s leading efficiency experts at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Tennessee was ranked near the bottom of states for our weak efficiency programs. If TVA set a modest goal for energy savings, customers across the state would see benefits in the next few years.
TVA should support hometown distributors with more energy efficiency programs for MEC to deliver. Energy efficiency is the safest, lowest-cost option for TVA in the long term. It’s the smartest way to meet the energy needs of customers while keeping our power bills from rising.
MEC deserves our support urging TVA to invest in our community’s efficient energy future.

Gloria Griffith
Mountain City, TN