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Hewitt writes in about upset over lack of assistance from school district

I am speaking for a good friend of mine who has a wonderful daughter graduating from Johnson County High School this year. They have lived in Johnson County for about five years and their daughter has attended JCHS since her Freshman year. Because her parents had a previous travel commitment and could not attend, their daughter did not get the four tickets she had coming to her for the Senior Awards Ceremony on Thursday night. When her parents found out, they were shocked because her grandparents wanted to attend to cheer her on. They desperately tried to call the school, 1 1/2 weeks prior to the event, requesting just two of the four tickets. After speaking to three different people, they were given a very short answer of “It’s too late”. Their daughter tried to get tickets at the school and failed. I also tried to get tickets through a contact I had and failed. The night of the event, their daughter who had worked very hard during her high school years won two awards, including a scholarship to a wonderful, faith based local collage and when her family was asked to stand…. “crickets.” I understand there were plenty of spaces in the auditorium and I don’t understand why this student was not given the opportunity to share this wonderful accomplishment with just two people in her family.
I love Johnson County, I have many friends who work in the school system and love them and the hard work they do for the families and kids here. I feel this family should have been given a break so this student could have shared this special event with her grandparents.

Rita Hewett
Mountain City