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Heating Fund for Seniors needs your help

Dear Editor:
Well, here we go again, asking businesses individuals and churches to open up their hearts and their pockets to help us provide heat to Johnson County seniors. We have been very blessed here in Johnson County. Every year we raise enough money to provide help to every eligible applicant. We have never turned anyone away because funds were not available.
For those who are unfamiliar with our program, our applicants must be 65 years old or 60 with a disability. Each applicant is screened by the TN Department of Human Services who makes the determination of eligibility. We provide kerosene, propane, wood and electric bills. We are thankful that Tri-State gives us a discount for kerosene and  Marsh and Freeman give a discount for propane. We have a good provider for wood that delivers a dump truck load for a great price. We are all working together doing what we can to serve this community’s seniors.I want to thank every business, church and person who have helped us raise the funds so that we can help these elderly folks in Johnson County. Also I thank the United Way for the grants they have given as well as the JC Community Foundation for their grants, the Levi ladies for all those wonderful breakfasts. One hundred percent of proceeds are used for heating needs for our elderly – all made possible by your kindness and willingness to help your neighbor. I thank you!
I would also be remiss by not thanking those who have worked the front line to administer and maintain the heating fund from its early beginnings through today: Bill Brookshire who gave me the idea and who has donated more than $10,000 to this cause; Nancy Wills for her casework at the TN Department of Human Services and has served as treasurer; and last but not least Laura Holloway from the TN Department of Human Services who has done our casework for over five years and continues to do so.
So the bottom line, we will need your help again this year so we can continue to help our seniors. If you would like to donate you can make your check payable to The Johnson County Heating for Seniors Fund and mail to PO Box 208, Mountain City, TN 37683. We will send you a tax receipt for your donation. And thank you all!   And God bless our Seniors!
Gwen Bell President
Thank you,
Gwen Bell, President
Johnson County Emergency Heating Assistance for Seniors Fund