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Harmon says there is goodness in mankind

Dear Editor:
I volunteer work in Johnson County Public Library and have the opportunity to assist with checking out books and assigning people computers.   I also have the opportunity to observe human behavior.  A couple of weeks ago an incident happened that renewed my belief in the innate goodness of people and set a wonderful example for all of us to emulate.
As I was sitting behind the checkout desk, a small, elderly woman with chubby cheeks came shuffling in with the widest smile I had ever seen. She was pure sunshine on a rainy day.  I greeted her with my usual,  “Good morning”.  She only nodded and proceeded through the library toward the shelf of books for sale.  A short time later a tall younger gentleman came in and hastened to where the woman was pondering over the books.
The couple spent a good 20 minutes inspecting and going through the available books.  When the woman made her selections she was ushered to the desk by the younger gentleman.  He carried her purse as she clutched three paperbacks to her breast as if they were the most precious things in the world.  When I informed them that the price of the books was 75 cents, the gentleman handed the woman her purse and she handed me a dollar bill.  The man reached for the quarter change and gently handed it to the to the woman stating that she had a quarter coming back to her.  She clutched the quarter and placed it in a small change purse.  Then she slowly replaced the small change purse back into her larger one.
I was impressed as the man gently took the woman’s arm and led her out of the library.  I mentioned to the director how lovely it was to see a son treating his mother with such reverence and respect.  She informed me that the gentleman was not her son, but the driver of the van for senior citizens.  She was not his mother.  They left without her ever having spoken a word.
I am in awe of this respectful man and how he treated the woman that was not his mother.  Yes, there is goodness in mankind and he exemplified what life is all about.
Dottie Harmon