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Gwen Bell says thank you for prayers and concern

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the entire community for the support I received during my recent serious illness. The prayers, cards, letters, visits, flowers, food, and love that were shared with me and my family during this difficult time have meant a great deal to me. The prayers said on my behalf absolutely saved my life. The outpouring of support my family and I received during this time has been amazing and humbling.
I would also like to thank the staff at Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center who worked patiently with me to help me regain the strength and mobility to return to my home. The care I received there was amazing. The staff helped make a very difficult time much more tolerable. When the time comes that I need full time care at the end of my life, I will definitely choose to return to the devoted and caring staff at MCCR for that care.

Many thanks,
Gwen Bell