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Gryder finds results of April’s county commission meeting disappointing

Editor’s Note:

The following is a report sent by Johnson County Humane Society president, Al Gyrder, to members of the Johnson County Humane Society after Gryder spoke at the commissioners meeting this past Thursday.

The results of Thursday’s commission meeting was, at the least, disappointing. First, our presentation was the last item on the agenda. Second, a county resident with a specific animal complaint was piggybacked onto our allotted time. Third, a sign-up from the floor, representing the local anti-animal control hunt club, was given just over six minutes to speak, after which a round of applause was given by a number of the commissioners. When our time to speak came, although we were on the agenda, Chairman Taylor announced I had three minutes to speak. At exactly three minutes he dropped the gavel and told me my time was up. In all my times attending the commission meetings, I can never remember last minute sign-ups being given more time than agenda speakers. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember any agenda speakers being limited to three minutes. In fact, I can remember some subjects going on for over 20 minutes. I personally believe this is just another tactic to suppress our case for animal control. Please make an effort to attend the May 3 meeting concerning this subject. The meeting is at 6 PM in the upper courtroom. If we want to get this done, we must unite in our efforts.

Thank you,

Al Gryder, President